What can Zunta do for your

While each skilled nursing facility and rehabilitation center has unique needs when it comes to private billing, automating all or part of this process could have substantial benefits - both financial and operational.

Generate and Review

Automatically pull data, create statements, review and approve

Zunta pulls data to generate monthly Private Pay statements. You can choose to approve every statement, or only those that need to be fixed (we’ll tell you that too). Statements to be delivered to the room will be emailed to your internal billing manager for them to print and deliver.

Mail and Track

Send mail with one click and track it until delivery

Sending out mail is something that has to be done, but no one has the patience for. Thankfully, we do, or, our software does anyway. Click a button, and voilà, the mail will be sent out. You can track the mail all the way through to delivery. We’ll keep track of the number of times a line item has been sent out, and with that information, will generate your Medicare Bad Debt Report!

Process Payments

Multi-channel integrated payments - mail-in or online.

Zunta software takes care of your payment processing needs too. ACH accounts and Credit Cards can be stored in the software, for one-time payments or recurring schedules. The status of a payment can be seen by nursing home users and residents. Receipts can be sent via mail, email or text - based on the user or facility settings.

Manage Collections

Track residents who have defaulted on payments

It is not easy to keep track of residents in collections. Now you can! Residents can be automatically added to collections based on your parameters or pushed manually. Full history of all communications, system and user actions are easily accessible per resident. Actions such as text, mail and email can all be done from within the residents collections page.

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